Date a girl who dances salsa

For those who are going out with a Salsera. My other half doesn’t dance and I wish I could explain properly to him that that doesn’t matter to me, this pretty much nails it! Great post!

Rhapsodies of the Barefooted Gypsy

Date a girl who dances salsa. She is feisty, driven, confident. She dances her way through life in a way that she can dodge a bullet in the most graceful fashion. She is strong–physically, mentally, emotionally. She has arms and legs made solid from hardcore dancing. She’s been stepped on countless times with a 4-inch stiletto, she has fallen face flat on the floor, but that doesn’t stop her from dancing. She knows that like dancing, life continues on with or without music.

A girl who dances salsa is not afraid to make mistakes because she takes every wrong turn as a learning curve. She is a girl with a curious soul and an open mind. She will try bachata or kizomba, hiphop, even rumba. She will say yes to a new form of dance even when she has zero knowledge about it because a girl who dances salsa is…

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Ready for Rio!


If there’s one thing my other half and I disagree about, it’s football. He loves the English Premier League and all that when, let’s just say, I’m not a big fan. At all. I could go on about reasons why but I’m not going to, it’s boring enough as it is! He doesn’t however like the World Cup, whereas I do and I can’t wait for Brazil 2014!

You might ask why, when I dislike ‘normal’ football so much, is the World Cup so different? I don’t really have anything against the game itself; it’s only 90 minutes and is usually spent in the pub with friends, but thing that makes the World Cup different is that it brings people together. Instead of the pubs of Manchester being split into rival teams of supporters, the World Cup unites people with a common cause, instead of driving them apart. Which is always nice!

As a lover of all things Latin American though, I’m especially excited this time around because it’s in Brazil. I wish the England squad all the luck in the world and they have my support, but I have always been a fan of watching the Brazilian team. They don’t just play football, they dance football! Dribbles and tackles become samba and when they score, the fans samba with them! So colourful and full of life and music, I’d love to be there to party with them!

So I shall be following the World Cup avidly this year. Perhaps more for the Brazilian party atmosphere than anything else though ;)

Check out the Official World Cup song if you haven’t already, great to get you in the mood and will bring Samba beats to the masses!


So, what are you waiting for?

When was the last time you tried something new? Something that you were afraid of, that took you out of your comfort zone? For me there’s nothing more exciting on taking a gamble on trying  a new experience and discovering that you really enjoy it! And by this I mean anything from trying a new restaurant to a new shade of lipstick. It may turn out to be a disaster, sure (bright pink lips reaaally weren’t my thing, no matter how fashionable!) but you may just uncover a new passion.

I guess my aim here is to convince anyone who is curious about giving salsa dancing a try to just be brave and go for it! What have you got to lose? Chances are if you’ve been thinking about it then once you get over any fears and actually turn up to a class, you’ll really enjoy yourself! There’s a reason so many of us are so keen on it ;) I know what you’re thinking though, it’s easy for me to say right? When I try a new salsa class or even a completely new dance style, I turn up with 8 years of experience behind me and I can’t deny that that puts me in a far less nerve-wracking experience than someone trying dance for the first time! Perhaps you are worried about people watching you, about turning up alone or simply that you won’t be able to do it? My question to you is how do you know that these fears are justified until you try it? And isn’t that half the fun? Allow me to share with you my experiences with my latest new challenge…snowboarding.


I always wanted to try it. Don’t snowboarders just like they have so much fun? And so cool! I’m definitely not cool enough to be a snowboarder and I’m afraid of being out of control, falling over and breaking myself. These were the thoughts going through my head when I signed up for a set of lessons on Manchester’s indoor skislope. Across 16 hours of lessons I fell over, lost control, landed on my bum/face more times than I can count on all my fingers and toes (all of which are all still intact luckily)! Slowly and steadily though I was improving and falling over less. It was such an amazing feeling once I could get from the top to the bottom of the slope in one go and with increasing speed, I was ecstatic! I then accidentally bought a snowboard (I like shopping) and today was my first time on the slope without an instructor present. It was terrifying! Suddenly I was out there on my own with no-one to help me and it felt like everyone was watching me as I fell over time and time again. Kids half my size raced past my with ease and grace as I lay flat out in the snow. But every time I got back up, brushed the snow off my hair/bum/face/just about everywhere, and carried on to the bottom. By the end of the session I had forgotten about my fears and just concentrated on improving and most of all enjoying the ride! It was so much fun! And actually when I did take the time to watch others, I realised that I wasn’t the only one falling over and that everyone was so busy concentrating on their own ride that no-one was bothered if I was falling over or not.


My new board! Trying something new uncovered a new passion for me :)

I promise you that this will be the case if you were to try salsa! You probably won’t pick it up straight away, there will be some people there who seem to pick it up straight away and you will stand on some toes. Probably your own. But it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t fall over, and if you do at least you won’t get ice down your back. So be brave and go for it! Ask yourself, what have you got to lose? You might just uncover a hidden talent and a new passion and I’m sure you’ll have have lots of fun along the way! See you on the dancefloor ;)