Ready for Rio!


If there’s one thing my other half and I disagree about, it’s football. He loves the English Premier League and all that when, let’s just say, I’m not a big fan. At all. I could go on about reasons why but I’m not going to, it’s boring enough as it is! He doesn’t however like the World Cup, whereas I do and I can’t wait for Brazil 2014!

You might ask why, when I dislike ‘normal’ football so much, is the World Cup so different? I don’t really have anything against the game itself; it’s only 90 minutes and is usually spent in the pub with friends, but thing that makes the World Cup different is that it brings people together. Instead of the pubs of Manchester being split into rival teams of supporters, the World Cup unites people with a common cause, instead of driving them apart. Which is always nice!

As a lover of all things Latin American though, I’m especially excited this time around because it’s in Brazil. I wish the England squad all the luck in the world and they have my support, but I have always been a fan of watching the Brazilian team. They don’t just play football, they dance football! Dribbles and tackles become samba and when they score, the fans samba with them! So colourful and full of life and music, I’d love to be there to party with them!

So I shall be following the World Cup avidly this year. Perhaps more for the Brazilian party atmosphere than anything else though ;)

Check out the Official World Cup song if you haven’t already, great to get you in the mood and will bring Samba beats to the masses!



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