A View – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexican Heaven!

Mexican Heaven!

Today I’m am at home writing my report for uni again. This is ten times harder than usual today because I know that on this day last year I had just arrived in Mexico for a blissful two-week holiday. I had finished with my undergraduate degree, exams over, dissertation handed in and had moved out of that awful student house in Liverpool. Weeks and weeks of hard work and stress were finally over and it was time to party the Mexican way!

The first thing that hit me was the heat and humidity in the air, how great it was to not be cold any more! The taxi driver was blaring some Prince Royce bachata all the way to the hotel and I just knew that all that work was worth what was going to be an amazing two weeks. Stepping out onto the veranda at the hotel I was greeted with the most amazing view: the sea was such a clear turquoise and washed up onto the perfect white sand of the beach, merengue blared out from the pool bar where people were drinking colourful cocktails and laughing and the sun was shining! I hadn’t seen sunshine for weeks having been trapped in perpetual revision hibernation! There was only one thing left to do, bikini on and straight in the pool! The following two weeks were the most blissful of my entire life; sunshine, sand, cocktails, new friends and dancing the night away, every night. Heaven!

I would give anything to be back there right now, but this report won’t write itself. Oh well, at least there’s always salsa tonight! See you there ;)



5 thoughts on “A View – Riviera Maya, Mexico

  1. amforte66 says:

    Good luck with your paper. I’m sure any place looks amazing when you are trapped inside for two weeks working on an assignment. Anyway, nice job describing your holiday in Mexico. It sounds like paradise. :)

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