Film Review: Cuban Fury


I finally got round to watching the filmย Cuban Fury (Studio Canal) this week and I’m so glad that I did! British-made, starring Nick Frost and about salsa I really hoped that this film would live up to my expectations of it, after all this has to be the only film ever made about the UK salsa scene. We follow the story of Bruce Garrett, former junior salsa champion as he attempts to regain his passion for dance and life in order to win the heart of his fiery, salsa-dancing boss. With the help of his sister and former trainer he is put through his paces and new friend Bejan helps him to re-discover his latin style to help him become himself again and dance with el corazon.

The soundtrack throughout the whole film is fantastic, they picked some decent cuban songs, and the dancing itself was choreographed by some famous faces on the UK salsa scene and so does not disappoint! I was really worried that the dancing would be hollywood and not authentic as is often the case in dance films, but they have done a really good job in showing salsa how it’s really done! I was also concerned that as Nick Frost is known best for comedies that this would be a spoof film laughing at salsa and the people who dance it but this is not the case at all; the characters portray well the passion that we geniunely feel for the dance and the joke in the end is on the more masculine characters who cannot dance. After all, real men dance!

A funny, feel-good film which gives a great insight into the world of salsa to those who do not dance, with a nod to the funny characters and rituals that us dancers often see on the salsa scene. Well worth a watch!


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