Guess who’s back?

2014-11-03 22-1.48.26

When I first created Salsa in the City it was really an experiment, a chance to practice blogging with a subject matter that I’m familiar with before launching a science blog. When I finish my Biochemistry PhD I would like to go into writing and managing my cosmetic science blog is a great way to get experience in the area. Since July this is what I have focused my spare time on, as well as my stressful PhD; I’m ashamed to say I even stopped dancing salsa. The Scientific Beauty has really started to take off and I’m really proud of what I’m achieving over there but now that I’ve reintroduced dancing back into my life there’s a whole host of posts that I want to write about my experiences that just don’t fit with that brand. I love writing and I love dancing so I’m reviving this blog, Salsa in the City, purely for my own enjoyment and to encourage myself to enjoy my life more again, away from the PhD, the latin way! Expect lifestyle posts from the heart of Manchester, fashion posts bringing some latin flair into your wardrobe and of course dance tips and tricks from my adventures in Manchester’s Latin Quarter!

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Besos, Sophie



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