The Perfect Retro Sunglasses

With the warmer weather and sunny evenings getting closer it’s time to invest in a statement pair of sunglasses for the summer season. It was a difficult search to find the perfect retro pair with that 50’s vintage Cuban style that works so well in the sun but luckily I have found the answer…

2015-04-14 16.29.21

The inspiration was taken from an unusual place, none other than Mr Johnny Depp himself. I am a huge fan of the film The Rum Diary, in which Mr Depp and his now-wife, the beautiful Amber Heard, star; the film is set in the 50’s in Puerto Rico and the costumes, both Male and Female, are absolutely stunning. Throughout the film Johnny sports a pair of retro sunglasses with a metal bar across the top that look great with his tropical tailoring – I knew these were the sunglasses for me, exactly what I was looking for! Luckily I found this very similar pair from Asos, Β£12, with a more feminine cat-eye shape for that exaggerated retro look. What do you think? What type of sunglasses do you go for in the summer? (1)

2015-04-15 18.04.16


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