Curly Hair Don’t Care

This one’s a call for advice! I have naturally very curly hair which for years and years I have straightened and tortured in an attempt to look like a Victoria Secret Model, ultimately making it dry and snapping off quicker than it can grow. Not Ideal, so I’m taking a stand! I have always admired the thick afro curls of Latin American ladies, especially when my perfectly straightened hair frizzes up in the humidity of the salsa bars when their curls stay perfectly wild…


For the past couple of weeks I have been embracing the natural curls and rocking my lion mane. I must say I am enjoying the experience more than I thought I would – it’s almost liberating to break the convention of having to maintain sleek, smooth hair! Plus nobody can say my hair is boring now, people never used to ask if they could touch my hair when it was straight…Is that a common thing or just me?? My morning hair routine consists of throwing water on my head which usually does the trick and is super fast but leads me to my question – which products do you Curly Girls use on your hair? Do you have any favourites or any which will stop my curls from frizzing throughout the day?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on products or on my ‘new’ look so leave a comment below! I’d also love to hear your #curlyhairprobs too or tweet me your curly hair selfie! We need to stand up for the curls! ;)


5 thoughts on “Curly Hair Don’t Care

  1. asteriskthat says:

    Yay for curly salseras! I love the blonde curls :) check out – it’s almost overwhelming with advice. A good starting point is to invest in a good conditioner, a gentle shampoo and a styling product to either enhance curls or tame frizz. Hope that helps a bit!

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