Curly Hair Don’t Care

This one’s a call for advice! I have naturally very curly hair which for years and years I have straightened and tortured in an attempt to look like a Victoria Secret Model, ultimately making it dry and snapping off quicker than it can grow. Not Ideal, so I’m taking a stand! I have always admired the thick afro curls of Latin American ladies, especially when my perfectly straightened hair frizzes up in the humidity of the salsa bars when their curls stay perfectly wild…


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OOTD: Havana Nights

Wednesday night is Salsa night here in Manchester! Instead of the usual black ensemble favoured by dancers, last Wednesday I opted for something a bit more Eye-catching…This orange crop top from Miss Selfridge did just the trick and worked perfectly with my khaki harem pants to stay cool in the underground salsa bar. Accessorised with this pineapple necklace from Primark it was perfect for showing off the remainder of my ballroom tan!

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Guess who’s back?

2014-11-03 22-1.48.26

When I first created Salsa in the City it was really an experiment, a chance to practice blogging with a subject matter that I’m familiar with before launching a science blog. When I finish my Biochemistry PhD I would like to go into writing and managing my cosmetic science blog is a great way to get experience in the area. Since July this is what I have focused my spare time on, as well as my stressful PhD; I’m ashamed to say I even stopped dancing salsa. The Scientific Beauty has really started to take off and I’m really proud of what I’m achieving over there but now that I’ve reintroduced dancing back into my life there’s a whole host of posts that I want to write about my experiences that just don’t fit with that brand. I love writing and I love dancing so I’m reviving this blog, Salsa in the City, purely for my own enjoyment and to encourage myself to enjoy my life more again, away from the PhD, the latin way! Expect lifestyle posts from the heart of Manchester, fashion posts bringing some latin flair into your wardrobe and of course dance tips and tricks from my adventures in Manchester’s Latin Quarter!

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Besos, Sophie


OOTD: Summer Cocktails


So it was my birthday this week which gave me the chance to pull out this little number for some cocktails in Manchester with the girls…

I’d been shopping for a dress for the occasion for a long time. I wanted a pencil dress, preferably white, with my signature nod to 1960’s Cuba and this Carmel dress from Celeb Boutique fit the bill to perfection! Made of a beautiful soft crepe it hugs your figure perfectly and cups are moulded so you don’t need to worry about what to wear underneath. The bright pink and green tropical print make it perfect for summer nights out or for a special occasion and the shape is so classic that it would suit all shapes and won’t go out of fashion. My new fav ;)

Dance rating: 4/10

Whilst I cannot praise this dress enough, it gets a 4 for the dance rating as the pencil style is rather restrictive for movement, but let’s face it, this dress deserves cocktails and soirees, not a sweaty salsa club!

OOTD: Palm tree print for a Sunday afternoon

palm Collage


Fashion doesn’t really have a place in my profession (Student and Scientist) so on the weekend I love to get dressed up if I’m going out! This isn’t a fashion blog but every now and again I’ll share with you some of my favourite pieces, as I love fashion inspired by Cuba and South America and I find it’s a great way to brighten your day in this grey and rainy city!

I went for afternoon tea yesterday with some friends (yes, I’m British, I love tea, we all do!), in this fantastic Alice in Wonderland-themed tea rooms (Richmond Tea Rooms, Manchester – would highly recommend). This gave me the opportunity to wear my new palm tree print shirt which I got from Le Boutique in Manchester. I enjoyed dressing it up yesterday with black trousers and jacket with white heels and is something that I would even wear for more formal days at work, however rare! It would just as easily work untucked with jeans and flip flops for a more casual look though.

When I used to teach salsa, ladies often used to ask me what they should wear or if I could recommend dresses etc for salsa nights, so I’ll start giving my outfits a dance rating, that is, how easy and comfortable they would be to dance in…

Dance rating: 7/10

I often dance in a shirt and these trousers, so this combo would work, however even on a sunny day in Manchester yesterday I was so warm and I think you would melt unless it was a really well air-conditioned venue!

Let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations of anything similar that you think I should check out! :)


3 Important Songs In My Life

I’m writing this as part of the Writing 101 course so I can improve my blog as much as possible, any feedback would be great! So, today’s challenge is HARD. I have to pick 3 songs, just 3, that are important to me Β and my life and write about them without editing what I’m saying too much. But where to start? There are hundreds of important songs in my life, and I need a different ones for different moods I’m in. I wrote a post about this the other day actually, about different songs to combat different problems in my life, so for this one I’ll go from the heart and pick the songs that mean the most to me, regardless of how they are to dance to. Here goes…


Song #1: Bamboleo – The Gipsy Kings

I have loved Latin American music for as long as I can remember, before I even knew what it really was. As a child I can remember dancing to this song with toy castanettes in Majorca, I didn’t know what it was, who it was by, or even that it was in Spanish, I found all that out years later. But something about it, and indeed this whole genre of music that I called ‘holiday music’, because I only ever heard it abroad, made me want to dance. As I grew older it turned into my passion and look where I am now! Salsa addict! And I reckon it’s all down to this song, so thanks Gipsy Kings!


Song #2: Epoca – Gotan Project

The Gotan Project were introduced to me years ago by an older cousin who went travelling in Argentina and came back with their Revancha del Tango album, having taken an Argentine tango class. I have been in love with it ever since! It’s my go-to album for any situation, if I’m cooking, getting ready, working or having people round and want some music on in the background. It’s such a classy and sexy sound and I think anyone would find it hard not to be seduced by it. When teaching an Argentine tango class last year my partner had put on some of the old-style Argentine music, with accordians and such, and the class was slow and disinterested. A quick change to the pure sex that is the Gotan Project soon made the class sit up and pay attention, and indeed wanting more…


Song #3: Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love – Pink Martini

I wrote about Pink Martini in my last post about my favourite music, and I’m sure I’ll write about them again! Words cannot describe my love for this band and this is my favourite song of theirs, I have saved the best ’til last. If you haven’t heard of them I implore you to look them up! They were introduced to me in my teenage years by a dance teacher and they have provided the soundtrack to my life ever since! They are a cuban dancehall-style band full of latin rhythms but with flavours of jazz and other cultures thrown into the mix, all topped off by the beautiful vocals of China Forbes. Their music is sophisticated and sexy but also exciting and each song is vastly different to the last. Let’s never stop falling in love for me is the ultimate love song (I’d like it as my wedding song when the time comes!) and when I heard them perform it live last year in Liverpool it made me really emotional that they were there in front of me playing it live when it means so much to me. Just beautiful!


I can’t wait to hear all your interpretations of today’s challenge and maybe discover some new music!

A View – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexican Heaven!

Mexican Heaven!

Today I’m am at home writing my report for uni again. This is ten times harder than usual today because I know that on this day last year I had just arrived in Mexico for a blissful two-week holiday. I had finished with my undergraduate degree, exams over, dissertation handed in and had moved out of that awful student house in Liverpool. Weeks and weeks of hard work and stress were finally over and it was time to party the Mexican way!

The first thing that hit me was the heat and humidity in the air, how great it was to not be cold any more! The taxi driver was blaring some Prince Royce bachata all the way to the hotel and I just knew that all that work was worth what was going to be an amazing two weeks. Stepping out onto the veranda at the hotel I was greeted with the most amazing view: the sea was such a clear turquoise and washed up onto the perfect white sand of the beach, merengue blared out from the pool bar where people were drinking colourful cocktails and laughing and the sun was shining! I hadn’t seen sunshine for weeks having been trapped in perpetual revision hibernation! There was only one thing left to do, bikini on and straight in the pool! The following two weeks were the most blissful of my entire life; sunshine, sand, cocktails, new friends and dancing the night away, every night. Heaven!

I would give anything to be back there right now, but this report won’t write itself. Oh well, at least there’s always salsa tonight! See you there ;)